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De video’s zijn bedoeld om je te inspireren. Heb je vragen of positieve feedback? Post ze onder de video of stuur een mail. Je vragen of onderwerp kan ik meenemen voor een volgende video.

Wanneer je je abonneert op mijn kanaal van YouTube krijg je melding zodra een nieuwe video online is. Delen en liken mag.

Manipulation in 3D | Seeking truth | 5D peaceful world | #E40
How many times are you involved in cases you don’t want? How many people are so ego-based thinking in the box? What does it tell you about the conscious and subconscious mind?

We are now in the transition from 3D to 5D. You can experience some ascension symptoms. Up to a more loving world. We are triggered by our subconscious mind in 3D which we can clear.

3D is the world of illusion, manipulation, money, power etc. All to keep you down in lower vibrations. It’s time to stand up for a more peaceful life in 5D. Believe in your own creative power.

This is the first video in English. For me an out of the box experience in public. Let me know if I you want more video’s in English.

If you need help to clear and research negative emotions, programs or hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth you can contact me.

More info:
#Shamballa Multidimensional Healing
# Soulclearing SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)
#Retreat Mallorca

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Ik hoop dat je het goede werk van Healingpraktijk Celesta wilt steunen door te doneren of dit te delen met anderen die willen helpen.


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